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About Us

OIGS was formed by a group of Oceanic in 2012 with major objective to promote Gemology to the public and to the trade. Our lab is equipped with the most advance gem testing equipment and well trained professionals to offer the best services in the shortest possible time frame. Our expertise lies in offering Services for Diamond Grading, Valuation of Jewellery, Jewellery Quality Inspection, Gem Stone & Rudraksha Testing. To ensure optimum quality, our laboratory is constantly surveyed by our quality controllers who ensure that all are equipments are functioning in optimum level. We also keep updating our technological strength and this has enabled us to serve customers in the best possible manner. As a gemological laboratory, we confine ourselves to the analysis and interpretation of the scientific characteristics of gemstones. We are committed to contributing to and maintaining a healthy and sustainable gemstone industry and it is our mission to protect our clients by providing the trade with accurate and relevant information on gemstones. OIGS is a pioneer in jewellery valuation and protection offering a service that is truly independent (we do not buy or sell). OIGS provides unbiased, transparent valuation reports and your information is kept confidential and secure. Leveraging on the wealth of experience and knowledge of our professionals, we also impart Training on Gemmology. We have designed several diploma and short-term courses, wherein, our Gemologists offer training regarding the various aspects related to Gemstones, Rudraksha and Diamonds etc. Anyone, right from the professional jewellers to the individuals with a fascination for gems, can join these courses.

Founder’s Message 

It is my proud privilege to congratulate our Clients who have posed their faith in us and interact with our institute OIGS. I hope that our institute is going to prove a milestone in ever shining path of those who are and will be in close association with this prestigious institution. OIGS is different from other Gems Institute in several ways; One of the unique features is the concept of exploring & simplifies the information to a common man who doesn’t know much about Gems & Jewellery trade. The Institute offers opportunities to specialize concurrently in the functional areas of Gemology as well as in the Jewellery industry verticals. With high hope, I wish we will continue provide reliable, timely, high quality, cost-effective and innovative services & information to our clients.

Ram Prasad Joshi
Founder – Oceanic institute of Gem Science

Our Vision

The aim of OIGS is to provide Gem testing facility to each & every individual so they can be purchase valuable gems safely. Till today there was no Gem Evaluation lab in india but now our laboratory issuing the Evaluation report for Gems & Jewellery through which anyone can know the price of valuable Gems. Our price based grading system will help to customer to buy Gemstone. Our lab is only one lab around world which have its own Grading system for Gemstones We also provide the quality Standard Report for Jewellery (Gold and Silver)


Bank Details Fees

Bank Name Uco bank
Account Name Oceana Gems
Account No. 32440210000465
Google Pay/Phone Pay 8958544852

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