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HP Foundation

As a part of the HP Foundation, OIGS committed to fulfilling its responsibility towards society. HP foundation especially work in the field of healthcare under below categories-

Blood & Organ Donation

Every year Thousands of people died due to lacking of Blood. Blood plays a significant role for the patient of Blood cancer, Anemia, and surgery, similarly due to unawareness mostly people pass their whole life without eyes & many people died due to lacking of another essential organ. HP Foundation would like to play a meaningful role in the field of organ donation so we can bring happiness in life of many people. Aim of HP foundation to inspire people to donate the Organ.


Psychiatric disorders

Psychiatric disorders account for about 13% of the global burden of diseases. Nearly 80% of people with mental disorders live in low- and middle-income countries. Bridging the mental health gap is an issue for many countries in the world. Accessibility to high-quality mental healthcare services for those who need them, improving mental health literacy, providing coordinated care to the masses, and addressing low priority given to mental health by policymakers are common issues faced by many countries. Even a developed country with high healthcare expenditure does not necessarily mean good mental health outcomes for its citizens. In low- and middle-income countries, a multitude of factors including social stigma, human resource shortages, fragmented service delivery models, and lack of research capacity for the implementation and policy change contribute to the current mental health treatment gap.

The Aims and Objectives of HP Foundation

  • To encourage people for blood & organ Donation.
  • To promote happiness (in families, individuals, and the environment).
  • To lift the yoke of labeling, institutionalization and stigmatization
  • To promote understanding in the areas of health and Wellbeing.
  • To promote justice and freedom to help individuals to cope within their communities.
  • To encourage Development in public services and the environment

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Feeling Alive - Beyond the life 

""Feeling Alive - Beyond the Life" is a community of individuals passionate about sharing their knowledge and experiences in the realm of Life Science, delving into its origins and future possibilities. Our group aspires to unravel the intricacies of life from a multidisciplinary perspective, drawing insights from various scientific domains. We extend a warm invitation to esteemed individuals and students across diverse fields such as Physics, Psychology, Medical Science, Space Science, and Philosophy, fostering curiosity and a shared enthusiasm for intellectual exploration. We embrace the vibrant diversity of thought and welcome all those who are inquisitive, eager to broaden their understanding, and ready to engage in stimulating discussions that transcend disciplinary boundaries. As a testament to our commitment to nurturing fresh perspectives, the group encourages students to contribute new and innovative ideas. To express our gratitude for their participation, we offer a reward of Rs 25,000 for outstanding contributions. If you share our passion for exploring the profound mysteries of life and wish to be a part of this dynamic community, we invite you to join and support us. Click here to become a valued member of "Feeling Alive - Beyond the Life" and embark on a journey of intellectual discovery.

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