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Valuation & Consultancy

1-Know the Value of your Gems, Jewellery & Precious Items

In the urgent need of money, you can always rely on your liquid assets like Gold, Diamond and Jewellery. That’s what they are meant for. Since the old time, the belief is that Gold, Diamond and Jewellery are the assets which are preserved for unexpected future needs. Unlike other assets, Selling of Gold, Diamond and Jewellery is far quicker and satisfying. In case of other assets like Property or Vehicle, the Urgent Sale might result in low return value. However, in case of Gold, Diamond and Jewellery, the Financials are more transparent and you receive the appraised value for your article if you follow a systematic approach.

How to get the best Price of your Old Gemstones, Diamond and Gold Jewellery articles?

Step-1: Get your Article Certified

Get your Diamonds, Gemstone or Gold Jewellery tested and certified by a reliable Gems and Jewellery Testing Laboratory. The Certification helps you in getting the best price for your article. In case of un-certified article, One does not have surety about the authenticity and current market price.

Step-2: Ask for Valuation

After Certification, Valuation is next step. Valuation gives you an idea about the minimum and maximum price that you should expect for your article.

Step-3: Take the Article to the Sale Point.

Take your article, along with the certification and Valuation Report to the Buyer/Buyer Company. The certification clears off un-surety from the Buyer’s mind as well and helps to close the deal in quicker time. Since, you have information about current Market Price, it is much easier you to accept or Reject the deal, based on the Price offered by the Buyer.

Step-4: Documentation while closing the Deal

Always go for proper documentation while closing the deal to avoid hassles in future. After the deal is closed, The Cash is yours.

OIGS provides ‘Cash for Diamond, Gemstones and Gold Jewellery‘ Services.

Since OIGS is itself a Gem-Testing laboratory, It provides a One-stop solution to sell your Old Gold, Diamond and Jewellery articles. The Process, in general, requires only 15 minutes closing the deal. OIGS guarantees best value for your articles.


OIGS offers Valuation and Appraisal services for Diamonds, Gemstones and Jewellery. OIGS ensures accurate & reliable valuation as per the product quality and ongoing market trends. Valuation of Diamonds, Gemstones and Jewellery requires Technical Expertise as well as Business acumen. OIGS keeps pace with the jewellery market trends to provide an un-biased, reliable and practical valuation of Diamonds, Gemstones and Jewellery. Product knowledge, Market exposure, Experience and Business acumen are much needed traits for a good Appraiser. It is so because the Market value of gemstones and Jewellery are not absolute fixed figures. It may vary as per the market conditions like high seasonal demand, Supply & other market conditions.

OIGS experts do precise analysis of the item to be appraised. Our experienced Appraisers at OIGS provide the most accurate, un-biased and reliable valuation of precious items as per the current market conditions. OIGS offers services to Auctioneers, old Jewellery buyers and Individuals for accurate and reliable valuation of Gems & Diamonds. Appraiser services are availed by individuals during Buy-and-sell of Diamonds, Gemstones or jewellery. It is very much advisable to confirm the correct market value of the item before buying it. Our un-biased & fair opinion safeguards customer’s interest and ensure that he is not cheated. On the other, it is much needed for the seller also to know the worth of the item while putting it up for sale. Realistic expectation helps in making a Sale- ‘Profitable and faster’.

Special & Antique Items for Auction

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