What are Lab Grown/synthetic Gemstones?

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Can I buy an untreated Natural Gemstone?

Definitely Yes. The OIGS Colored Gemstone Identification Report will confirm whether or not a Gemstone has been treated.

What are Lab Grown/synthetic Gemstones?

Synthetic gemstones are physically identical to their natural gemstone counterparts that are manufactured in laboratories under controlled environments. They have the same physical

properties and chemical composition as naturally occurring gemstones. Ex

How much is my Gemstone worth?

Gemstone value depends upon quality. it may be few rupees to thousand Rupees per carat. To know the value of your Gemstones you must take Gem Appraisal/Valuation Report from OIGS.

Does OIGS Grade a Gemstone?

Yes. OIGS Grade & provide a Appraisal Value. OIGS Gems Stone Identification Report assesses the characteristics of a Gem like weight, measurements, shape, cutting style and color, indicates whether it is natural or laboratory-grown and names any detectable treatments, and can issue an opinion on Geographic Origin, when possible and requested by the client.

What is “created” Gemstones?

Laboratory-grown Gemstones are generally marketed with created or laboratory-grown, to describe man-made materials.

Are Sapphires from Kashmir, Burma, or Ceylon worth more?

Every mine produces a wide range of quality. For Gems of exceptional quality, an independent determination of origin adds to value. For sapphire, Kashmir receives the highest premium, although Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka and Madagascar also produce top-quality Gems.

How does heat treatment affect a Sapphire’s value?

Heating is an accepted treatment for sapphire. But for fine-quality sapphire, confirmation from an independent laboratory like OIGS that there is no evidence of heat adds to a sapphire’s rarity and value.

Is a Burma ruby worth more?

Every mine produces a wide range of quality. The fact that a ruby comes from a famous mine doesn’t mean it is good quality. But fine-quality rubies that have documentation of Myanmar (Burmese) origin from an independent laboratory like OIGS command a premium in the market.

How Rudraksha Identified in Lab?

Methods for Identification of Rudraksha-
Eye test
Sometimes the fake or the Artificial Rudraksha may seen same as real one but these fake Rudraksha facets cannot be made as real as those present on the real Rudraksha. This is a Natural partition on Elaeocarpus which just like the closed lips with deep natural. Under Microscope/Magnifying Glass (Lenses) this can be easily distinguish between fake or real Rudraksha
Water test
Some of the rare Rudraksha beads like Gauri Shankar or a Trijuti Rudraksha, It can be made by synthetically joining two or three Rudraksha with help of paste/Glue/Resin etc. if here is any of hesitation then Kept the seed in to hot boiling water for some minutes. A sharp streak will take place at the joint of seed.
One way is to follow the X-ray technique one can see the internal structure without damaging the beads. This digital X-ray test is done without complication for Rudraksha up to nine Mukhi but higher Mukhi beads may not give 100% accurate results due to overlapping of the internal compartment of seeds.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
MRI is another method for identification of Rudraksha but it is more expensive than X-ray. It gives much clear results for any Rudraksha than X-ray.
Cut Test
It is most reliable methods and for this we have to cut the beads horizontally. When it will be cut one can find the same number of section as the number of lines. Drawback of this method is that bead gets damaged.
1 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksh exist?

If someone has sold you a Rudraksha saying it is Ek-Mukhi Nepal, you must realize the bead is fake. Ek mukhi Nepal Rudraksha is extremely rare and hasn't been known to reach the general public. Today it exists only in mythology. Nobody haven't seen an Ek-mukhi Rudraksha being produced from the trees.
Because of the high virtues of this Rudraksha in Vedic texts, the market is full of fake Ek-Mukhis which are made by cutting segments out of 2,3,4 or 5 faced Rudraksha and removing all lines expect one. A 2-mukhi Rudraksha from Haridwar and Nepal is also used to make 1 mukhi because here, only one line needs to be removed. In some 2 Mukhi and 3 Mukhi beads, the lines are not fully developed and you can see the incomplete lines at the mouth. Sometimes, a 2 Mukhi Nepal bead is fastened with a steel grip on the tree itself so that the second line isn’t formed and this bead is sold as 1-mukhi.
How we can know whether a Rudraksha is Natural or Duplicates?

You Must take a Report from a Reputed Rudraksha Testing Laboratory like OIGS.

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